Foren, Eiselcross, Wildemounts

Bjorn’s Goat Farm:

Situated at the edge between the expansive farmland to the north of Balenport and the endless wild forests to the west is Bjorn’s Goat Farm. Bjorn is the most recent owner but this location has been a home for livestock as long as anyone can remember. Bjorn himself is actually a merchant who spends his day in Balenport proper brokering trade deals at Starboard Galley; as a newcomer from the mainland he’s been welcomed by the locals - though the majority of the locals themselves are also recently arrived.

Balenport Orchards:

Along the western approach to Balenport between the narrow farmland and the vast ocean beyond the southern cliffs lie the orchards. Their primary purpose, in theory, is to provide fresh fruit (primarily apples) to the citizens of Balenport and beyond. In practice they wind up being a shady place for all manor of locals looking to catch a nap and a snack to sit and revel in the moment.

Artemis’ Cabin

Just outside Balenport, Foren, Eiselcross, Wildemounts



Existing across all time and timelines the Rite of Aegis has primarily been an organization dedicated to cataloging the secrets at the corners of reality and existence. Every critical detail, every observation, every item encountered, foe defeated, and possibility explored is cataloged by the Rite of Aegis in the Saloon Library. The party has full access to this wealth of knowledge in their downtime and can use it to try to make sense of any of the strange, confusing, or novel aspects of the strands they visit. The Library itself is a critical resource and should be leveraged wherever possible.

The Great Tree:

The Deep Forest:

The Grove: