Aife McClagnahan

Aife is apparent leader of the Rite of Aegis. She is a tall elf with erudite presence. She speaks with an Irish lilt and hails from Foren in Empire Strand. The details of her background are unknown.


Onanwatgo is a skilled diviner wizard in the employ of Rite of Aegis. He’s a human of average height with deeply tan skin and braided black hair. He speaks common and Iroquoian

I’m having great difficulty finding a picture of an Iroquoian wizard that doesn’t involve head dress and I’m unsure of the significance of them so I’m leaving him to ur imagination for now.

Fedir Bayuk

Fedir is a short half elf bard. He is very wiry with a mustache and goatee and round glasses. He is abrasive. He speaks with a Slavic accent and plays a balalaika. Fedir found you and brought you to saloon.

Talitha Wixby

Owner of the Line and Gaffe, She inherited it from her late father, Arelm.


Status: Missing

  • Our point of contact is named Artemis We should tell her we know Aoife. We are received a writ of passage for the G.L. Trading CO. Dock 5 - Shadow Docks.


  • We learn Artemis is good friends with Connolly, a stranger who runs the Inns bulletin board jobs.


The God In The Wild Wood

At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak. Entranced, connecting the three worlds Earth, Sea, and Sky, and the worlds behind the worlds, the god and the Great Tree are One, His immense limbs widespread, stretching into distant sky and starry space. His massive trunk, spine of the Middleworld, is the heart of the Ancient Forest around which all Life, all worlds turn; His limitless root web growing deep into secret earth and Underworld; above him the great turning circles of Sun, Moon, and Stars. All around Him subtle movements of the leaves in melodious, singing air; everywhere the pulsing, gleaming Green awash in drifts of gold and shimmering mist; beneath Him soft moss creeping over the dark, deep, moist of spawning earth. At His feet is the great Cauldron from which the Five Rivers Flow.

Through the forest stillness they come, whispering wings and secret glide, rustling leaves, and silent step, the first Ancestors, the Oldest Animals, to gather around Him: Blackbird, Keeper of the Gate; Stag of Seven Tines, Master of Time; Ancient Owl, Crone of the Night; Eagle, Lord of the Air, Eye of the Sun; and Salmon, Oldest of the Old, Wisest of the Wise leaping from the juncture of the Five Springs. He welcomes them and blesses them, and they honour Him, Cernnunos of the nut brown skin and lustrous curling hair; the god whose eyes flash star-fire, whose flesh is a reservoir of ancient waters, His cells alive with Mystery, original primeval essence.