Dave the Druid

played by David

Meet the Wintercress Family

The Wintercress family has had generation after generation of druids with the elder Wintercress family member Dmitiri the Druid achieving the level of Archdruid early in his life. Since then the attunement to nature has been a long held tradition. Generations later the family has several members all possessing a close connection to nature. Each member of the family once realizing their powers is expected to leave the village of their birth and travel out finding their own way in the world to serve nature and all its creatures.

Dave the Druid - youngest son Black sheep of the family Left village to prove to his family that he could make a name for himself and prove he isn’t some no good hippy Mannerisms are basically Crush from finding nemo Circle of the Shepherd Diana the Druid - Older Sister Quiet and very secretive, Think Batman but a female dragonborn who can turn into animals Closest sister to Dave Specializes in feral animal combat Circle of the Moon Left to join a covert group of spies for the royal family Daniel the Druid - Older Brother Circle of Stars For his mannerisms think like the crazy scientist in every bad sci fi movie Constantly talking about how the universe is all around us Obsessed with the stars and celestial bodies Like a Jedi that can turn into animals Damien the Druid - Eldest Brother Circle of the Land Gruff and very serious - like a grizzled world war 2 vet type of character Very in tune with nature and specifically the land Has seen some shit over the years Has not seen anyone in the family in years and severely regrets it


Played by Tyler

Rupert grew up in a small isolated village in the Rime plains. Growing up there he fell in love with an elven woman named Delia, he worked on his craft in a small hut a few miles from the town to avoid the hammering of his tools disrupting the quaint lives of the villagers. Delia and him had a daughter named Piota who was a rambunctious little runt always getting into trouble with village elder and no sense of authority. With Dwendalion patrols scouting the area they’d frequently barge into the village terrorizing the folks with their false sense of law and the righteousness of their so called “empire”. Nothing but murderous cunts if you ask me.

One day during their patrols my lass threw a rock towards them as they left. Bless her but she hadn’t the strength to actually hit them as their horses trotted away. The bloody cunts put my lass to the fucking sword for her so called transgression to the “Kings soldiers”. I returned that day to find my girl in a bloody fucking heap cradled in my slain loves fucking arms. The bastards let their wolf knaw at their fucking corpses, torched my home as a lesson to those that do not respect their future lords and ladies.

I spent four fucking days tracking them before catching them that night camping. The dumb cunts thought nobody would dare attack them, let alone at night. Our fucking lords to much of cowards to assert their ancestral rights to the land.

I slew all of them hacking them into fucking bits before that fucking wolf took my eye.be it shame or fear of the repressions I couldn’t tell you, but I fled to the North. Finding a town called Palebank to call my home. I dream of a free land, free of the tyranny of so called leaders that force tithes to a point below destitution. Those cunts will pay for what they’ve done, I care not for the means of how; but their Empire will fall be it to my hand or another’s.


played by Elios

Dwimmer Worthammer

played by Joel

I was once possessed by a primeval force that forced me to murder my family, which for a dwarf is quite large. I am now haunted forever and continue to hunt the primeval forces of evil in the world for the rest of my days. Despite this I have an unsettlingly positive demeanor and try to be kind and bring light to the world where ever I go. If questioned I don’t hesitate to share my thoughts on the cruel and uncaring nature of this doomed universe and everything in it. After my clan was wiped out by my own hand via this ancient evil force I fled the Dunrock Mountains to the wildlands where I’ve been hiding out the past few months rebuilding my faith. I’ve learned of a once lost god of Atonement and compassion, Raei.


played by REDACTED


played by Tim